Solutions can arise from dissent

Published: Jul 10, 2022
Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Dissent is an evolutionary process necesssary for surfacing the best solutions, writes Charles Hugh Smith in his latest post Why Nations Fail.

Squash the dissent (either formally or through social networks) and you lose the chance to avoid failure. And yet, corrupt regimes always choose to suppress dissent.

They hamstring the capacity to “adapt and evolve,” so their nation becomes brittle and prone to failure.

This blog post comes on the heels of the tragic collapse of Sri Lanka. While many factors played into Sri Lanka’s downfall, suppression of dissent and rigid government policies that decimated agricultural yield seem like predictable accelerants.


He concludes: “Many and perhaps most nation-states will fail as their elites suppress dissent and new ideas that threaten their power but which ironically are the only means to evolve successfully to rapidly changing circumstances.”

The same can be said of any organization, group, or community, right?

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