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Running a Strymon Cloudburst through a CIOKS SOL

Test-Driving the Spark Amp Mobile App

Book Review: The American Empire Should Be Destroyed: Alexander Dugin and the Perils of Immanentized Eschatology

Nikki Haley: Please Stop Texting Me

US Grid Security: George R. Cotter's Filings

Overcoming a Chinese blockade of Taiwan

Arctic weather, wayward geese, and the DERP state

Merry Fixmas: How to fix the Hugo error <!-- raw HTML omitted -->

Pentagon fails audit - again

Bookending an NDA - A Nifty Idea

Cash reserves plummet across US healthcare system

Why New England can't receive American LNG shipments

Enjoying the rites of fall in New Hampshire

Excerpt: Commodity Crops & the Merchants Who Trade Them

Lake Maracaibo: The story of Venezuela's crisis

Sketch - an excellent design tool

How did the Swiss stand their ground against the Nazis?

What Are State Guards Really Like?

The Assassination of Darya Dugin

Hyundai Purge Valve Replaced - But Still Not Working?

Electricity hike of 112% highlights New England energy design flaws

@Work: Who's got energy to burn?

Solutions can arise from dissent

CSS no longer working on your Netlify Hugo site?

NatGas Bottlenecks Threaten Entire Industries in Germany

Sticking to the Main Road - excerpts from Pilgrim's Regress

European Factory Closures May Become Common

Did Google Eat Marco Rubio's Campaign Emails?

How to beat inflation - part 1

The Rationist Papers Are Now on The Blind Spot

Recipe: Chilled black bean salad

Gavin de Becker: Turn the News Off

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