Test-Driving the Spark Amp Mobile App

Published: May 26, 2024

I’ve had the Positive Grid Spark amp for a while now but just recently checked out the mobile app.

Here’s a micro-review.

Amp Models #

You get a selection of 24 amp models, categorized under Pop, Blues, Rock, Metal, Alternative, Bass, Acoustic.

Each amp model comes with a selection of virtual pedals. These vary in number and type. For instance, “Silver Ship” comes with MOD/EQ, Delay, Reverb, Noisegate, Compressor/Wah, and a Drive pedal.

The individual pedals, such as Delay, and their controls, also vary in type.

For instance, the delay for “Silver Ship” is a 3-control “Vintage Delay” and the one for Studio Session is a more modern type with 4 controls. Any pedal in the signal chain can be switched on or off.

Personally, I prefer the Spark amp’s native tones. (And it has built-in delay and reverb.)

I’ll always prefer physical gear & knobs to virtual ones. That said, nothing can beat the price of software gear.

Smart Jam #

Give Smart Jam a few bars and you’ll get a decent practice track, in the same key, with drums and bass. Actually, each instance generates several alternative tracks.

The jam track loops endlessly and broadcasts via bluetooth through your Spark amp. Don’t like the volume mix between the track and your guitar? Just adjust the volume on your smart phone.

Unfortunately, there’s no Spark bookmark visible on my Android device – this icon is for saving a track. And my initial query to Spark came back with instructions on where to find your saved tracks, not how to save them when there’s no bookmark present.

Songs #

The app can also generate “songs” based on your chord progressions. Songs are jam tracks with more complex features.