Running a Strymon Cloudburst through a CIOKS SOL

Published: Jun 30, 2024
Updated: Jul 7, 2024

Got a Strymon Cloudburst but surprised it doesn’t come with a power supply?

You’ll need to choose whether to get a cheap wall wart or go for a specialty power supply like Strymon’s smallest Ojai, which goes for for $169 and can cover 5 pedals.

Keep in mind the Cloudburst has specific power supply requirements and you can damage your pedal by using the wrong set up.


For my setup I opted for the Cioks SOL.

The SOL is rugged and allows for 5 inputs.

It boasts of “Ultra-low noise achieved by multistage filtering.” From the reviews I read, this is a big selling point and the SOL definitely delivers.

Which Cable to Use? #

It also comes with a slew of cables, with color-coded tips.

In short: only use a black-tipped cable, since it adheres to these Strymon Cloudburst requirements:

(The SOL comes with 4 black-tipped cables.)

Selectable Voltages #

On the SOL, you’ll adjust the 2 tiny grey switches of your input to the down position.

This gives you 9V DC and 660mA.

At the lower left of the pedal, there’s a convenient diagram of the 4 possible gray switch permutations, and what you get from them.

The remaining 3 are:

More on CIOKS SOL cables #

In the box, you’ll find a handy “Flex and DC Link cable selection” guide.

The 4 black-tipped cables are called “Standard Flex.” In the guide, under “Standard Flex” and “Black,” you’ll see that these cables fit Strymon pedals.

CIOKS sells every conceivable type of cable, so if you need something different, use the same “Flex and DC Link cable selection” guide to determine what fits your other pedals, then order.

Is the CIOKS SOL a good choice? #

The SOL is rugged and well-built with plenty of options for powering different pedals.

Overall the CIOKS SOL is built to last, has an unbeatable warranty, is ultra-quiet, and has the flexibility to power 5 pedals with differing power suppply demands.

That makes it an excellent choice for your pedal collection.