Enjoying the rites of fall in New Hampshire

Published: Oct 20, 2022
Updated: Oct 29, 2022

Late yesterday, my firewood was delivered. Good weather means I can split my firewood stacking up over a few days.

This is the season where we ‘Yanks’ get ready for winter. I really enjoy these chores because they signal the advent of winter – of my favorite times of the year.

Winter preps #

Besides laying in firewood, another seasonal marker is getting your snow tires on. Mine were due for replacement, so I ordered new ones – Firestone’s studabble Winterforce 2s – which have already been delivered. They’ll be installed on Halloween.

My local shop told me there were shortages of Nokian tires in my size due to supply chain issues. So after doing some research online, I decided to switch back to Firestone. (The Firestones are also cheaper, so there’s that.)

I ordered the new Firestones from tires-easy.com (via Amazon), got free shipping and the best deal. (I had previously ordered the Nokians direct from tires-easy.com and can say they have amazing service).

My other ‘rite’ for winter is doing some basic checks on my vehicle, like radiator fluid, brake fluid, cleaning the battery terminals and placing oil-based battery terminal protectors at the base, and installing new windshield wipers. (Tip: I got my wipers from Amazon for 50% less than the in-store price.)

I’ve already laid in a few bottles of “dry gas” (Heet). Next: picking up sub-zero (-20) rated windshield wiper fluid.

And then I’ll run down a checklist for winter items to keep in the back of the car, for emergencies.

Fall colors + thankfulness #

The fall colors have been spectacular in New Hampshire: fiery reds, bright oranges. We’ve had breezy days; yellow leaves are swirling down in slow motion.

Next up, for pure fun: buying a pumpkin and turning it into a jack o’lantern. And maybe trying out a new squash soup recipe.

With the Thanksgiving holiday coming up, I have so many things to be grateful for. This will really be a special Thanksgiving.

Like you, I’m also thinking of those less fortunate. Getting ready for winter can be expensive. Firewood is now $460/cord. Other forms of heat have gone up significantly as well. Snow tires with installation and studs are over $500 - $600.

I hope you’re enjoying the seasonal changes in your neck of the woods, that you are secure and thriving, and that your community is able to meet the winter needs of all its members.